Projekte Klassenprojekte

„Following the footsteps“


What does it take to build up a „graphic colony“?Creativity, talent, a pencil, some colour, a happy mood and the right people to show you how to do it!
Tone Čufar Elementary School Maribor( our partnerschool) in collaboration with Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities and Faculty of Education University of Maribor, organised THE 1st INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S GRAPHIC ARTS COLONY EKralj on Wednesday the 6th of November 2019.
Students from all over Slovenia with their mentors (teachers) and some special school guests from Austria, were invited to a one-day graphic arts meeting.Two different workshops were offered with the lead topic title “Following the footsteps”: Dry point by Mr. Bogdan Renko and Screen Printing by Brand Bandelj. The school art teachers Mrs Jožica Lešnik Švajger and Mrs Brigita Klajnšek took good care of the functionality and smooth guidance of the creative process. Mrs Aikaterini Chalkia and the students Tatjana Mörth and Sandra Pachner from the 3b class represented our school on this fun creative day.
This art meeting will be followed by an award ceremony and exhibition opening in the memory of the famous deceased painter and graphic artist Ervin Kralj as a part of the 120 years anniversary celebration of Tone Čufar Elementary School Maribor on 6th December 2019.
We want to thank and congratulate the teachers and the school principal Špela Drstvenšek,MSc for their hospitality and the professional Programm organization.We are looking forward to our next meeting!
Aikaterini Chalkia

Besuch der Raiffeisenbank der 3b

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 3b Klasse besuchten am 5. November 2019 die Raiffeisenbank in Leibnitz. Es wurde ihnen verschiedene Dinge über das Bankwesen erklärt und sie durften sogar den Tresorraum besichtigen. Zum Abschluss gab es noch eine gute Jause und somit ging ein interessanter Besuch bei der Raiffeisenbank zu Ende.